We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

You all were great to deal with! I appreciate your help and support.

Ricky Poland June 24, 2021

Valley Funeral Service

We were Pleased!

Lester Ritenour April 18, 2021

Valley Funeral Service

We couldn't ask for better treatment. Everyone we met with and spoke with was wonderful.

Debbie Crisman July 23, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

I was very impressed with the ease that everything was handled by the staff. It made a hard experience a lot easier. Thank you!

Bonnie Frye March 14, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

The staff are so caring and helpful.

William Green July 01, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

Attended seminar: End of Life Planning and learned details of funeral experience etc. from Mr. Heishman. Well respected member of the community. Very compassionate, prompt, and professional.

Jane Perry October 17, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

Everyone I spoke with was very helpful.

Karen Zirk June 21, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

All the funeral staff were very accommodating to our request. Never in my life would I have thought I would make funeral arrangements for my Jeremy, but I am very thankful for all of you. every single step of the way. Words can never express how grateful and thankful we are for you all. You all are truly angels.

Kayla Pennington February 06, 2020

Valley Funeral Service

Many other family members have used these funeral services and been extremely satisfied. Stephen really takes care of his community.

Terry Wakeman Jr. December 05, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

Very professional

Joy Bauserman July 05, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

We used the services for cremation. Experience was very good.

Tracey Rauch October 30, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

Have known Steve and Tina for a long time. There would have been no other choice. A wonderful caring funeral home. The "Best" of funeral home services.

Jennifer Mantz March 04, 2020

Valley Funeral Service

Steve and staff were professional and responsive to our requests and needs. Everyone did a great job and we could not be more pleased with the service.

Eddie Ritenour September 19, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

My experience with Valley Funeral Service was one I'll never forget. They are the kindness most caring people I have ever met. May God Bless them all. I was very proud of my husbands Celebration of Life service and very thankful.

Sandra Curran December 25, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

Steve and Erika were very helpful and respectful during our whole process. They show they actually care about the families.

Jimmy Shoemaker December 24, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

The whole process was outstanding. Everything I needed after the service was great. I will use this funeral home for my service when the time comes.

Gloria Eastep April 17, 2019

Valley Funeral Service

We were very pleased with your services.

Betty Lutz February 02, 2018

Valley Funeral Service

They were very helpful. They did all my paperwork for insurance. I had very little to do. Everyone was very nice and helpful.

Shirley Patton December 01, 2020

Valley Funeral Service

We were so please with the services you provided. The service had to happen quickly due to out of town family and Dave and staff helped make it happen and helped with all the details.


Valley Funeral Service

Everyone was great from start to finish. Excellent.

Michaelene Matetzschk

Valley Funeral Service

I did preplan my fathers funeral and I was pleased with everything. I couldn't have asked for more.

Carol Litts May 17, 2018

Valley Funeral Service

I think Steve and his staff did a satisfactory funeral, prep, and grave side rites. I would recommend this funeral home to others.

Harry Walker November 06, 2018

Valley Funeral Service

Very pleased with everything

Florence Morvillo

Valley Funeral Service

Stephen and his wife made it so easy. The staff was great, also.

Julia Lutz July 31, 2018

Valley Funeral Service

We appreciate the checklist given of the things we needed to take care of- i.e. cancelling Medicare, probate, etc. We used the list to create our own specific to do list. We appreciate your prompt response in picking up our moms body and working with the body donation program.

Linda Gates March 12, 2021

Valley Funeral Service

We think very highly of all of you and we truly do appreciate your help.That will remain in our hearts , you can be assured.

Christine & Ed Consentino August 15, 2014

Just like to thank each and everyone of you for what you did for my brother Tom. God Bless you. Thank you very much.

Ernest Funkhouser June 04, 2021

I grew up with Steve and Tina's daughter. There was no doubt the funeral would be with them. Steve did an amazing job. We appreciate everything. He made such a horrible process easy to take care of. This came as a total shock, very sudden. Steve did everything quickly and professionally. The man who prepared my mother for viewing did wonderful. She looked beautiful! To all the staff that helped with this, thank you all so much. it truly was beautiful set up and funeral.

Brittney Mumaw April 18, 2021

We were well treated and helpful in the odd times for conditions necessary because of pandemic. They all were wonderful and considerate. Many thanks to all.

Sherrill Miller March 19, 2020

I chose this funeral home because I have attended many other funeral serviced by Heishman Funeral Serviced. They are very attentive to personal concerns. Our family was extremely impressed with the personal as well as professional service.

Judith Powell June 24, 2019

Steve was very helpful and gracious to our needs.

Constance Yew October 14, 2019

Excellent, compassionate service by Stephen, Tina, and staff.

David Warren August 20, 2019

We valued your excellent service, including research on deceased's insurance.

Robert Lowerre February 17, 2019

Everyone was extremely professional and caring. Steve was very helpful and answered all our questions and offered suggestions when asked. Our family was 100% satisfied with everything. Thank you!!

Linda Hull January 09, 2020

Steve, Tina, and their staff did an excellent job. They went above and beyond what I expected.

Scott Clem August 02, 2019

Thank you for your services.

Robin Shillingburg July 29, 2019

Everything was taken care of in a satisfactory way. Was very pleased with everyone and things that were done.

Joyce Keller December 19, 2020

Your personnel was most appreciated during our time of need. Thank you.

Donald Baber March 20, 2020

Lauren was wonderful to make arrangements with. The staff at Valley is the absolute best. Facilities were well kept and very comfortable. Will recommend to others.

Anonymous March 22, 2019

Wonderful Staff.

Wendy Warren January 11, 2020

The staff showed real concern for me and answered all the questions I had. Overall, you all were very professional and respectful for all the needs I wanted. Thanks for all you did.

Richard Stanley

I will be back to make funeral planning in the future. Very hoary with the service. Thank you!

Deborah Baltimore June 25, 2020

I appreciate the effort and compassion the funeral home displayed for me and my family over the loss of my wife.

Jerry Biller December 29, 2020

Exceptional personal service, professional yet caring and thoughtful. Suggestions were offered and never pushy- very patient. Wonderful people.

Mitzi Burgess December 24, 2020

Valley Funeral Service made the planning for our fathers service easy at a less than easy time in our lives. They were professional, courteous, and very responsive to al of our questions.

Rita Lin November 15, 2020

We felt you did a good job listening to our needs and desires and offered us a good professional service and burial. Thank you for your guidance. Especially during Covid-19 restraints!

Walt Morgan May 28, 2020

In our tie of need and sorrow I can't tell you how pleased we were with your service.

Gerlene Lutz December 22, 2020

My thanks to everyone for their help in my time of need.

Mary Chapman

Very compassionate, helpful, and accommodating.

Melissa Taylor January 18, 2018

We appreciate everything this company did for us. So very nice and thanks for the beautiful card you sent.

Anna Dean March 30, 2021

You all did a nice job and everyone was very supportive and caring. Thanks also for the candle and obituary.

Diane Cooper February 09, 2021