Everything You Need To Know About Cremation

Planning the disposition of a deceased relative's body is a personal decision that family members need to make. It is affected by factors like cultural differences, values, and beliefs, including your faith or religion and the budget for the ceremony. There are many options that you can consider, and one of them is cremation services. 

How Does Cremation Work?

Cremation is the process of disposing of a decedent's body through intense heat. Before starting the procedure, cremation facilities ensure the deceased's identity by confirming it first with the family. After that, the body is prepared by licensed professionals by taking off jewelry or other items, except those that they want to include in the cremation, which may affect the process.

Once that's done, the decedent is transferred to a crematorium that houses the furnace. There, the container, which holds the body, will be placed at a temperature of 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit to turn them into its basic components. Finally, the remains are examined to ensure no metal remnants are left before grinding them to turn into fine ashes. These ashes are placed in an urn or a different container and given to the family of the person who passed away. 

How Long Does It Take?

Generally, a simple cremation process can take 2 to 3 hours or 1 to 3 weeks as it'll depend on factors like the weight of the decedent and the type of container carrying the cadaver. The timeline will also be affected if the family decides to hold a funeral ceremony before proceeding with the cremation. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Many people consider cremation because, unlike the traditional burial, it gives them more flexible options like holding personal ceremonies and because it is more affordable. The cost, however, still varies, and it is greatly dependent on the services chosen.

What Can I Do With the Ashes?

Cremation allows families to have more options in memorializing their lost loved ones aside from keeping them in an urn. In that way, you can still share a special memory with them even after their death. These include the following:

  • Turn them into a tattoo
  • Plant them on a tree
  • Scatter them into the sea
  • Turn them into a beautiful painting or sculpture

Get in Touch With a Funeral Home

Cremation planning is not easy, especially when you are grieving. So, if you're considering getting cremation services for your departed relative, it's best to get assistance from a trusted funeral home. Reach out to us at Heishman Funeral Home to learn more about our services and how we can help you. Call our offices in Edinburg and Woodstock today!