What Are the Different Types of Funeral Homes?

One of the best ways to commemorate a deceased family member is through a funeral service. It allows you to honor the life you’ve shared with your fallen loved one while also bringing together all the people close to the decedent to say their goodbyes. This is a personal decision that’s why it is only right to consider all the available options, particularly the type of funeral home handling everything.

Funeral homes differ on several factors, each being suitable for various preferences, cultures, and traditions. These distinctions cover the services offered and facilities included. To explain and name a few, listed below are some of them. 

Full-Service Funeral Home

This is a traditional type of funeral home that provides all required services for a deceased individual’s funeral. These include preparations like bathing, refrigeration, dressing, embalming, and transportation of the body. They also have dedicated facilities like a funeral chapel that can be used for events like visitation and memorial services. Some even have caterers to provide food and drinks for guests who’ll be attending the wake. 

Independent Funeral Directors

By the name itself, it refers to practicing funeral directors with no directly owned facilities. They make all the arrangements by contracting and outsourcing all the necessary elements, like experts who’ll handle the bodily preparations, venue for viewing, and burial planning. To ensure all services are met, most states require independent funeral directors to have the same licensing and professional education as that of a full-service funeral home director’s. 

Combination of Cemetery and Funeral Home

These kinds of facilities offer all the work done in a funeral home with arrangements for the cemetery. It’s a convenient option that allows you to settle all the decedent’s preparations until their burial by dealing only with one point person who’ll handle everything. It saves you from stress and helps you cut down on costs. 

Combination of Crematory and Funeral Home

This is another type of funeral establishment that likewise offers a combination of two services, but with crematory planning. The grooming and cremation of the body of your deceased loved one will be done by a team of staff in the same facility. So, if you’re considering holding a service before the cremation of your fallen family member, this may be an ideal package for you. 

Talk to the Right Funeral Service Provider

There are many different funeral homes to choose from. For that reason, before finalizing your decision, make sure to do your research and talk about them with your family. If you’re in search of a reliable local funeral home in Woodstock and Edinburg, VA, look no further than Heishman Funeral Home. Call us for details about our services.