Things To Consider When Choosing a Funeral Casket

When a family member or a close friend dies, there are many things to look into when planning their funeral. One of them is the casket. Funeral caskets come in many sizes, colors, and designs. To help you decide which of these options are suitable for your deceased loved one, listed below are some things you need to consider. 


One of the things you need to look into is the size of the casket. You have to make sure that it fits the body of your deceased relative. The standard size of a coffin is usually 84 inches long and 24 to 27 inches wide, which can fit an average-sized person. But, if the decedent requires a bigger size, you can request an oversize casket which is typically wider by 28 to 51 inches.

Cost and Materials

The cost of the casket varies depending on the materials used. That’s why you need to decide which material will work best with your budget. Coffins for a funeral can be made out of fiberglass, plastic, metal, or wood. The most common choices are usually metal and wooden caskets because of their durability. But if you're looking for an eco-friendly option, you may opt for caskets made from biodegradable materials like cardboard and bamboo.

Casket Features

A casket is not complete without its varying features installed both in the exterior and interior parts of the coffin. The exterior features cover the casket shell, corners, handles, and lid. The casket shell can be painted with any preferred color, while customized designs can be used for the corners and the handles. Aside from that, a casket lid can be built to allow viewing of either the decedent’s whole body or the upper frame.

Meanwhile, the interior features include the cloth lining that serves as the bed. You can choose any color or fabric for the lining. Some popular choices are satin and velvet for the materials, while we have white and purple for the colors. 

Talk to a Funeral Home

Choosing a casket entails looking into many factors, but the most important thing is to give your deceased loved one the resting place they deserve. So, if you have other concerns about funeral caskets in Edinburg and Woodstock, reach out to Heishman Funeral Home. Our funeral specialists are ready to assist you. Call our funeral home today!