Factors To Consider When Selecting a Cemetery

Cemeteries are meaningful places because these are where the bodies of deceased loved ones are buried. They are also a location where the bereaved families and close friends can visit the departed anytime. As such, choosing a cemetery is an important decision, since it’ll be the final resting place of a beloved. 

Like any other arrangements you’ll have to make when a friend or family member dies, there are factors to consider in selecting a burial place. These essential elements are listed and explained below.

Type of Cemetery

First, you need to think about the type of cemetery where your departed loved one will be laid. Most of them vary depending on the decedent’s culture, tradition, religious affiliation, or service-related achievement, particularly for veterans. Some of the common options you’ll come across are:

  • Public Cemeteries - are open and available to all citizens. 
  • Religious Cemeteries - are grounds owned by certain religious groups to provide burial spaces for their community. 
  • Private Cemeteries - are areas owned by private businesses to provide people with more burial options, as public cemeteries can often get crowded.
  • Veteran Cemeteries - are government-funded cemeteries built for people who served in the military. Some of these also accommodate immediate family members of veterans like their children and spouses. 


Another element to consider is the location of the cemetery. Making this decision is usually influenced by proximity to your close friends and relatives and if the place has a sentimental value to your fallen loved one. Most people choose to be buried in the place where they grew up, as it is special to them and usually accessible to people who’d likely visit their grave. 


Burial arrangements can be expensive. Although some cemeteries are funded by the state or local government, most require payments for annual rent. A public cemetery plot usually costs $525 to $2,500, while a private cemetery plot is priced around $2,000 to $25,000. That’s why you need to add it to your list of things to evaluate when choosing a cemetery, especially if you are working with a budget.


The last yet most often overlooked criterion to check in a cemetery is its rules. Burial grounds have varying regulations as a way of maintaining order and consistency. These usually involve factors like the size or type of headstone, floral arrangements, and decorations.

Ask Help From a Funeral Home

Selecting a cemetery is a big decision to make. Although these things can help you narrow down your options, you’ll need the assistance of experts, especially during these trying times. To get in touch with a funeral director in VA who can take care of these things for you, contact Heishman Funeral Home. Call our offices in Edinburg and Woodstock for more details about our services.