Is It Better To Cremate or Bury a Pet?

man hugging his dog

Pet owners share a unique bond and connection with their pets because these animals provide a sense of comfort and joy whenever they’re around. Many people cherish their pets and consider them as family members as they, too, are loyal companions. So, when they die, fur parents feel sad, and they grieve over losing a beloved friend in their life.

With all the memories that you’ve shared with your pets, determining what to do with their remains is a big decision to make. So, to help you choose the better course of action between pet cremation or a pet burial, listed below are some of its pros and cons.

Pet Cremation

Pet cremation involves the process of transporting the remains of your pet to a crematorium where it will be cremated. Nowadays, cremation has become a common choice for most pet parents because it’s an affordable and versatile alternative. Once the ashes of your pet have been given back to your family, it’ll be up to you whether you’d like to store or spread your pet’s ashes somewhere. You will also have the liberty of holding a private memorial service for your pet.

However, one disadvantage of pet cremation is not having a permanent place where you can always visit your pet. Also, pet crematoriums may not always be available, depending on your location.

Pet Burial

On the other hand, pet burial is the option of burying your deceased pet either at home or in a pet cemetery. Its pros include having a sacred place where you can go to visit your pet. Also, if you choose to bury it in your backyard or at a nearby cemetery, you’ll be close to it and have the opportunity to stop by its grave often.

But the downside is that burials can cost more than cremation if you want to store your pet’s remains in a casket that varies in size. You cannot take your pet with you should you choose to move to a different location.

Ask the Experts

Overall, what matters most is that you select the right option suitable for your pet and your family’s needs. But if you’re looking for a funeral home that offers pet cremation services, choose Heishman Funeral Service. Our reliable staff members in Woodstock and Edinburg are always ready to assist you with any queries or requests.