Ways To Make a Memorial Special

Memorial services are important as they allow families to celebrate the life of their deceased loved ones. These are ways to commemorate and honor them and to offer comfort and support for all bereaved members. There are many ways to turn a memorial special, depending on your family’s preference. Some of these include setting up a memorial website and customizing the music selection for the service. To help you plan, here are more ideas you can also consider.

Think of a Theme

One of the things you can do to honor your departed loved ones is to choose a theme that embodies their personality. It can be as simple as wearing a certain outfit that they are known for or using their favorite color as the color scheme for the day. In this way, you can personalize the ceremony by commemorating what makes them exceptional.

Choose a Unique Location

A traditional memorial service is usually held in the family’s home, a community center, or church halls. But you can also make the service more distinct according to the decedent’s character by choosing to hold it in a unique location. This can be one of the places that they loved to go. These include museums, libraries, or outdoor settings like the beach or garden.

Set Up Activities

If the departed member is known for being passionate about a particular hobby or sport, you can also incorporate it into their memorial service. This will not only be a good way to remember them but also an opportunity to bring the family closer during these hard times. Some activities you can do are pottery, sketching, letter writing, and even watching a sports event or movies together.

Give Out Mementos

Another way to make the service more memorable is to give out keepsakes. These are things that bereaved guests and family members can take home to remember their deceased loved ones. These could be a potted plant, a book the departed loved one read, or an engraved pen they loved to use. These objects are important as they help people acknowledge the death of their close relative while keeping something that brings back good memories.

Plan It With Professionals

These are just some of the preparations you can add to make a memorial service special and personalized. But if you want to look into other options that you can do, like putting up a memorial website, you can ask our specialists at Heishman Funeral Home. Get in touch with our offices in Edinburgh and Woodstock to know more.